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Wonder Gel Foot Relief

Item #12-5187

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Absolutely amazing – give your toes & feet a real treat! Surround your aching toes and painful feet with soft gel! A wonder for aching feet!

Put a stop to foot pain! The Wonder Gel Foot Relief can help you with all this:

  • Bunions!
  • Pinched & cramped toes!
  • Hammertoes!
  • Foot cramps!
  • Pain in ball of foot!
  • Plantar Fasciitis!
  • Corns!
  • Toe pain & cramps!
  • Overlapping toes!
  • $9.98

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    • So comfortable and soft – perfect for tired aching feet!
    • The concealed layer of gel surrounds your feet and toes!
    • A wonderful feeling – amazing comfort!
    • The concealed gel makes them fit like a glove!
    • Sold as a pair!
    • Instant relief for painful feet and toes!
    • Straightens and stretches toes – straightens crooked toes!
    • Improves balance and posture!
    • Carefully separates and draws your toes apart!
    • Amazing relief and true shock absorption!
    • For both men and women!

      Take this chance to give your feet and toes a real treat! Tired of tired and aching feet? Then this amazing invention can provide the genuine relief you’ve been waiting for! Concealed inside the product, there is a layer of soft gel, that surrounds your toes and feet for maximum comfort! The material is so stretchy and flexible so they fit like a glove. The gel supports the ball of your foot and separates your toes in a very comfortable way, strengthening and cushioning them. Help your feet regain a healthy shape after being bent and compressed by uncomfortable or narrow shoes. Helps align crowded toes, while at the same time providing wonderful shock-absorption! Imported cotton/rayon/gel construction. Easy to slip on or off. One size fits most. For both men and women of all ages. Wear alone or with shoes – anytime and anywhere! Sold as a pair!

    Not a medical device. Always consult your doctor If you have health problems. Results will vary. Not recommended for those with diabetes.