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Weed Grabber Deluxe

Item #10-1329

Quick Overview

Save your back and knees while weeding!

Don't get dirty while weeding anymore! The upgraded deluxe-version with Quick-Release is super-easy and super-quick!

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Now: $6.99

Easy as 1-2-3-4!
  1. Push down over weed!
  2. Turn with ratchet function!
  3. Pull out!
  4. Push the Quick-Release button! Done!
  • No more kneeling, crawling or bending!
  • Pull out the entire weed with its roots -- in seconds!
  • Rotates with ratchet function -- turn without changing your grip!
  • Perfect for those with limited mobility, aching joints, weak muscles or back problems!
  • Don't confuse with inferior models
  • Quick-release button so you never touch the weed -- let go with the simple touch of a button!
  • Super-easy, super-comfortable and super-quick!

The Weed-Grabber Deluxe takes the hard work out of weeding! So simple to use – and so fast to get the job done! This deluxe model has the unique Quick-Release function – something most Weed Grabbers are missing! The Quick-Release function takes the dirty work out of weeding and making it so much more comfortable!


No more kneeling, stretching, bending, digging or tugging – the Weed Grabber Deluxe pulls out the weed with its roots – without any dirt on your clothes!


Save your back and knees – and get the weeding done in no time! The ratchet-function allows you to turn it without changing your grip – and the Quick-Release button lets you release the weed wherever you want to, without even touching it! Length approx. 22 ½”. Durable construction of aluminum, steel and ABS plastic. Order today, directly from us!