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Pro Callus Shaver

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    Shave away your calluses in seconds!


    • Easy to remove corns and calluses!
    • Save money on salon treatments!
    • Take care of your feet!
    • Have nice looking feet – all year round!
    • No more annoying corns and calluses on your feet!
    • Get soft and smooth feet again!



    This Callus Shaver removes the toughest calluses in no time. Gently draw the shaver across corn or callus in a shaving motion and your dead skin comes right off. Always make sure to soak your feet first, so the skin is soft and easy to remove. Corns and calluses easily build up when walking in shoes and sneakers. They tend to get worse and worse if we don’t attend to them. Don’t wait any longer! This callus shaver will do the job and rid you of those annoying corns and calluses. Colors may vary.




    This product should be kept away from children. Diabetics and hemophiliacs should NOT use this tool. Only intended to use on corns and calluses. Do NOT use on foot warts. The razor blade is very sharp and should be handled with care. Never shave on live skin. 

    Should not be used on damaged skin or if you suffer from any skin disease.  Please consult your doctor if you have any skin conditions.


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