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Pillow Protectors - 2-Pack

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    Protect your pillows from stains and spills!

    Also serves as barrier for dust, pollen and pet dander!

     Keep your pillows clean!

    • Waterproof protective pillow protectors!
    • Made of breathable fabric!
    • Easy to clean!
    • Fit most standard-sized pillows!
    • Serve as a barrier for allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander!
    • Protect your pillows against stains and spills!


    These effective pillow protectors create a barrier to keep stains out and keep your pillows nice and clean. Great for you that likes to have breakfast or coffee in bed! They are waterproof so they protect your precious pillows from stains and spills. Material is nice and breathable. If you prefer, you can always have your matching bed linen pillow case on top. The Pillow Protectors also create a barrier

    between your nose and possible allergens like dust, pet dander and pollen that always can collect in your pillow. Many Allergists recommend pillow protectors to relieve from allergens. So, get the good nights sleep that you need! Easy to clean. Made of non-woven breathable fabric and fit most standard-sized pillows. Measures 28”x18”. 

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