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Invisi-Pro HD Rechargeable Sound Amplifier

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    Want to hear all sounds louder & clearer? Without paying a fortune?!

    • SAVE! It’s rechargeable!
    • Superb sound quality!
    • So small it’s barely visible!
    • Advanced microprocessor technology in miniature format!
    • No cords, nothing behind the ear – it’s both comfortable and lightweight!
    • Supercharges your hearing as soon as you put it on!
    • Turns ordinary hearing into SUPER HEARING!
    • Hear more easily what others are saying!
    • Listen to the TV and hear everything louder – without disturbing others!
    • Bring it to the theater or the movies!
    • Hear all of nature’s sounds!
    • Case with lid and built-in charger included!
    • For both men and women!


    This tiny device lets you hear lots of sounds loud and clear – even from a distance! Hear everything you’ve been missing! The Premium Sound Amplifier that’s rechargeable delivers crystal clear sound and is virtually invisible! Super-small and lightweight – fits inside your ear. Adjustable volume control. Each unit fits both left and right ear! So small and discreet with in-ear design that people can hardly see you’re wearing it! Latest & greatest technology! Sits comfortably in your ear! For both men and women!


    The 3 Main Reasons That Invisi-Pro HD Is The Best Value We Have Ever Found!

    1. Rechargeable!

    Recharge the Ivisi-Pro HD over and over again with the included charging stand, very convenient! The charging stand takes 1 AA battery (not included) and lasts for a long time. The sound amplifier comes with a rechargeable Hi-Tech battery that charges over and over.

    2. Almost Invisible!

    So discreet, only you know it’s there. Advanced microprocessor technology makes it so small, that it fits discreetly inside your ear – it’s hardly noticeable! Incredibly lightweight and comfortable – you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

    3. Superb Sound!

    Remarkable sound quality. It delivers crystal clear, exceptional sound, like you usually would find in much more expensive Sound Amplifiers! Turns ordinary hearing into super-hearing – you hear lots of sounds you’ve been missing, loud and clear! Gives you sound so clear you can hear a pin drop!


    All this included:

    - Invisi-Pro HD Rechargeable Sound Amplifier (PSAP)
    - Charging stand/storage box (runs by 1 AA battery, not included)
    - Built-in Hi-tech rechargeable battery
    - 2 extra earplugs
    - Instruction manual

    Not a medical device.  Not sold as a hearing aid.  Designed for everyone with normal hearing who want to amplify what they hear. Not intended for the hearing impaired, who may need individual advice from specialists.  No medical claims expressed or implied. 




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