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Knee Helper

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Quick Overview

Magnetic knee therapy! This brace reflects your body’s natural heat for deep infrared heat treatment!

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Magnetic Knee Support from Four Corners Direct Inc on Vimeo.

  • Adjustable for a perfect fit!
  • Gives your knee cap exactly the support and stability it needs!
  • Increased warmth stimulates circulation and helps relieve joint pain!
  • Helps absorb shock and prevents twisting!
  • With built-in magnets!
  • For both men and women of all ages!
  • Lightweight and very comfortable!
  • So easy to slip on or off in seconds – without effort!
  • Breathable to release excess heat and moisture!
  • Flexible enough to make it easy to move around freely!
Forget about flimsy knee braces that hardly give any support! The Magnetic Knee Helper is designed and refined by specialists to give you optimum stimulation, support, warmth and blood circulation. This is the secret to real relief and helps you to move around more freely. With powerful magnets that are strategically located! The product retains natural body heat in the affected area. The strong support acts like another layer of ligament that reduces stress on the joint. You also get just the right compression, helping speed up the natural process of rehabilitation.

You could live a more active life again!

Knee supports don’t get much better than this! This high quality model has been refined and developed over several years to get you just the relief you’ve been waiting for! This is a natural way to help you move around more freely! The special material is elastic enough to give a great fit and make every move comfortable – still the support is enough to help stabilize your knee. The heat reflecting material helps you to increase the local blood flow to help prevent inflammation in your joints. It protects the knee from jarring and twisting. And it’s so lightweight and comfortable against the skin. Touch-close fastening and super-adjustable to fit most adults. For both men and women. Wear it underneath your pants – nobody will notice it. Washable. Imported neoprene/nylon blend. Find out why thousands of men and women rely on the Magnetic Knee Helper to get by every day! And take advantage of our direct-to-you offer for a genuine quality product.

Helps with all this:
  • Customized and proper support!
  • Relieves pain!
  • Reduces swelling!
  • Improves circulation!
  • Relieves stiffness!
  • Reduces fatigue!
  • For arthritis sufferers!

Not a medical device. If you have serious knee problems, you should coordinate all treatment with your doctor. Results will vary. No health claims regarding magnetic therapy are expressed or implied. Magnetic products are not intended for people with pacemakers.