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Eye Health Support 1000

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    Give your vision a boost! Formulated to support your eyesight and may even improve night vision!

    Many American men & women FEAR LOSING THEIR GOOD EYESIGHT more than they worry about cancer and heart problems!

    Studies have shown that natural ingredients may provide all these benefits:* 

    - Improved Night Vision! 
    - Less glare! 
    - More clarity! 
    - Protection from UV-rays! 
    - Support of overall vision – near and far! 
    - Protect vision for those with macular degeneration and for those at risk! 
    - Fast glare recovery! 
    - More contrast!

    • Scientific research identifies the most potent ingredients from nature!
    • Clinical studies provide massive support for key ingredients!
    • Non-medical dietary supplement protects your eyes both now and for the future!*
    • Several antioxidants may slow the effect of age related vision degeneration!*
    • Formula may help replenish vital nutrients that the eyes get less of as we age!*
    • Just one capsule per day!

    Latest research finds natural solutions to help many Americans Maximize Their Eyesight & Improve Their Night Vision With Amazing Natural Discoveries!* U.S. Research Team develops one of the most potent formulas to support eye health, based on the latest research and clinical studies!* 

    Amazing breakthrough for your eyes! 
    We know. There are always those out there that don’t believe in natural solutions, no matter how much research and science prove them wrong (the type that will tell you “vitamin supplements are just an expensive way to color your urine”). But the last few years, study after study has shown; your eyes need nutrition, and some of this nutrition the body can’t produce by itself, so you either have to eat certain foods or add these ingredients as a food supplement! 

    Includes 2 remarkable vision boosters! 
    Lutein and Zeaxanthin have proven to be absolutely critical for keeping the lenses in our eyes clear and well functioning, according to a large European study. The study shows an incredible 63 percent increase in visual sharpness! Another study has shown 58 percent improvement in glare tolerance and glare recovery time! Lutein gives a powerful support to your vision under low-ligth conditions and it protects against oxidative stress caused by harmful blue light. Zeaxanthin is a carotenoid that your body can't produce on its own, and is therefore essential to supplement for optimal eye health.

    Lots of super-potent ingredients! 
    EYE HEALTH SUPPORT 1000 provides a combination of vision-specific minerals, botanicals and powerful antioxidants – the key ingredients are researched to play an important role in promoting eye health and to support and protect the eye tissue – from the cornea, to the lens, to the optical nerves. The formula has clinically researched ingredients to slow age-related vision decline. Eye Health Support contains phytonutrients which support the macula pigmentation in the eye (responsible for several eye functions, including capturing light). Key ingredients have been shown to protect against damaging UV rays and free radicals.* 

    Improve your life quality! 
    Few things are more important for our life quality than good vision. It helps us live a more active life – and to have a more social lifestyle. With better night vision we are not so afraid of driving when it’s dark, for example. Good vision (both day and night) gives us more freedom. 
    Try it risk free! 
    EYE HEALTH SUPPORT 1000 is a natural solution (dietary supplement) with several active ingredients, it’s not a drug, and you are invited to try it risk free, with a 90 day return policy! This offer is not available in stores.


    Four Corners' Natural Solutions stands for:

    • All products have ingredients that are time-tested and most products have clinical studies for the product, proprietary blend or key ingredients.
    • Research and formulation team with over 80 years combined experience.
    • All products manufactured in the U.S., adhering to strict federal guidelines and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
    • We don’t call something “FREE” if it isn’t free. And you don’t have to call a phone number to get the price of an item or get the “details” of the offer.
    • Research and formulation for new products are always based on the latest studies and research.
    • Straight forward direct-to-you pricing – you get a lot more than what you pay for! We use high quality ingredients with high potency, but we offer the product directly to you, and skip the middlemen, thereby giving you more value for your money!


    90-day return policy, for any reason, even if the bottle is empty or used (up to 1 used bottle can be returned), less S/H. 

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Only use as directed. Follow all instructions on the package. Individual results will vary. Consult your doctor for any health problems. Food supplement (not a drug). References and clinical studies on file. 
    Each body reacts differently to different solutions. That’s why we offer a 90-day return policy! If you are not completely happy with the result – just send it back for a refund – no questions asked. Did we mention that we get few returns? Instead we get lots of re-orders and orders from people referred to us by a friend! NOTE! Only use as directed, follow all instructions on the package.

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