The Color Of Connection


What does your favorite color say about you? Everyone has a favorite color, but did you know your favorite color may say a lot about your personality?

If red is your favorite color, it is likely you are someone that is full of energy, passion and excitement. People who love red are generally strong in character and love to be active.

If you are a fan of the color orange, then you are probably a highly energetic individual. You are a great self starter and motivator, and very conscious of design and structure.

If yellow is your color, then you may tend to be very expressive, and give warmth to whomever you meet. You are the life of the party.

And then there’s green. The color of health and balance. If you are drawn to shades of green, then you may also find yourself longing to restore the earth to it’s natural harmony.

If you tend to appear shy, but in truth you are very outspoken, then white is one of your favorites. The color of cleanliness and purity, all that is white.

Blue personalities are the most creative and artistic. If blue is you, then you tend to be trustworthy, reliable and honest. Your life is full of art, music and literature.

Purple people tend to have a vivid imagination. You have a keen awareness of the world around you and express yourself in a very creative manner.

Black is one of the most beautiful colors, yet is the result of no light. If you love black, then you are the one to finish a job. Black is the most misunderstood color, yet is dignified, elegant and sophisticated.

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