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Clear-Hear HD

Hear all sounds loud & clear – plus, virtually invisible design and rechargeable!

Supercharges normal hearing into super hearing! Exceptional sound like you normally would find in much more expensive units! Increases weakest sound to audible levels! Incredibly discreet design – the clear tube makes it almost invisible – only you know it’s there! Adjustable volume control. Small, lightweight and very comfortable to wear! Bring it to the theater or the movies, hear people from a distance, and listen to TV without disturbing others. Fits the contour of your ear! Fits both left and right ears. For both men and women! Easy to use and take care of – just charge it over night and you’re ready for a new day. Set includes: Clear-Hear HD PSAP Rechargeable Sound Amplifier, power adapter for charging, charging stand, 5 extra ear pieces, cleaning brush and Instruction manual.

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Retail: $39.90

Sale Price: $9.95